Carved Dimensional Signage


Our newest edition to our shop is a ShopBot CNC Machine. This will allow us to make dimensional signage or produce the exact part over and over accurately. From 1 piece to 1000 pieces they will all be the same.

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and is a system for the creation of precision cut, beautiful designs. The benefits are accurate signs from copy to copy at an unmatched speed and low loss of material. This means that you have the option of giving your logo or sign an unmatched three dimensional quality. This means you stand out a cut above the rest!

CNC routed letters, signs and logos can be cut from many different types of materials and thickness. Once cut, we can finish in a wide variety of colors to match your business' exact needs, desires and specifications.

Below are just a few of our satisfied customer jobs.



Sign Restoration

Are your sandblasted signs looking a bit weather worn, cracked and faded?

Do you wish you had someone to clean, repair and repaint them to return them to next-to-new condition?

We do that! We will come to your site and very affordably refurbish weathered signs where they stand. Color change is also available for a fresh look.

Just email a picture of the sign(s) in question, and the size(s), and we will give you an estimate.